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What I do

I do

I am available to assist you or your business if you have some extra work from a few hours to a few days, give me a call to obtain my CV or check availability.  


Web Skills

I am able to assist people to improve their computing knowledge.  I can help them set up their own web-sites, manage facebook communications, mailing lists, skype, facetime, photobooks, filing systems, email and provide general computer usage and guidance on  a range of computer applications and programmes.  Some recent sites include,,, I have set up and run a number of facebook pages and advertising portals for local businesses and community organisations.





I have taught Mathematics at co-ed and single sex secondary schools in New Zealand and Australia.   I am happy and competent teaching students in Australia up to grade 10 and NZ year 11.  I have teenagers currently working through the NZ mathematics program, having started in the NSW curriculum.




I have taught computing to secondary students in schools.  I have a Bachelor of Information Sciences in Information Systems and am competent in PC, Mac, iphone and iPad usage.  I am happy to share my knowledge with those keen to learn.




Keyboard skills are so important.  I am a qualified typing teacher and have had a typing speed of over 100 words per minute.  



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