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The first class I am running is called ‘Creating a Website’. 


Colour is very important in this process - and there are over 16 million to choose from!


Red, Yellow, Blue are primary colours of paint (you add colours to  make lcolour), Red, Green, Blue are primary colours of the screen (you subtract colour). 

Each 6 character HEX colour, eg #123abc  is made up of varying levels of the Red, Green and Blue from 0-9 and A-F (16 characters).  So the total colours possible are 16 to the power of 6 which gives us the 16,777,216.


YELLOW - energetic, powerful, cheerful

ORANGE - energetic, creative, innovative

RED  intense, bold love, warning

GREEN - nature, growth, good fortune, relaxation

BLUE - peacefulness, trust, tranquility

PURPLE - power wealth, spiritual

PINK - love, female, sweetness, peaceful 


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